Who paid the highest criminal fine in history?


Highest criminal fine paid in history?

In short, the company that paid the highest criminal fine all over the world is Pfizer. This company has paid the highest criminal fine in the history of the US and has a $2.3 billion settlement with federal prosecutors for mispromotion of their medicines and also paying kickbacks to complain doctors.

It was called one of the largest healthcare fraud settlements ever. After getting a destroyed reputation in eyes of patients and doctors, Pfizer feels guilty for misbranding their painkiller Bextra. This was withdrawn from the market in the year 2004. They just misbrand their medicines for those for which they had not gotten approval in the market by medical regulators.

Pfizer which is new york based company had also settled down the civil allegation. This concerns the improper payment for the doctors who mine pharmaceutical products and also denied these charges. This criminal fine creates the biggest history in the world. As Pfizer had paid a $1 billion civil settlements fines to Medicare and many other government health insurance schemes for reimbursing the improper prescriptions.

Among many medicines linked to the scandal are anti-psychotic drugs Geodon. Not only these antibiotics, Zyvox which is used for the treatment of epilepsy also called Lyrica. After some months, Pfizer had disclosed some attention as it emerged on a day when this company agreed for taking $68 billion from rival drugs firm named Wyeth. That makes Pfizer the highest-paid criminal fine in our history.

What crime did Pfizer do?

Pfizer company had promoted the off-label use of  Bextra and also anti-inflammatories to defraud or mislead the public through it. The work of the regulatory program of the FDA enforces the activities which contain the actions for punishing the offenders and removing the products which violate the Drug, foo, ds, and cosmetic act.

Under their act, violations of a misdemeanor are punishable by $250000. If anyone dead due to a violation then the person or company will punish for $500000. Bextra before FDA  had to take it on the market was an arthritis drug that had serious side effects for the body contain death, indigestion, diarrhea, headache, upper respiratory tract infections, stomach cramps, muscle pain, skin, risk of heart, gas, dizziness, and many stomach complications.

Pfizer company had also promoted the use of antipsychotic and anti-epileptic drugs illegally. The only violation they made as a manufacturer of medicine get failing to warn the users about the side effects. Related these medicines that they were aware of before taking especially avoided for pregnant.

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