Places to Visit in Winter


Every person has their dream to celebrate festivals, especially Christmas or the new year in the snow. There is not any end to exploring the earth or discovering various travel destinations easy thing. But if you plan to only travel in the winter season then it is the best decision for you to travel. Many winter places have mesmerizing winter views and also temperatures that make these to visit in Winter.

The Winter season is very special worldwide and has many festive vibes, especially on new year’s eve. You know that winter has small days and many opportunities for enjoying various winter sports activities. But figuring out every place for winter special seems difficult. In this guide, we will provide you with top picked best places that you can visit with your friends and family.

Recommended Places to Visit in Winters


Its clearly defined by its name that Iceland is a place of ice and had various beautiful vast or high streams, rivers, and seas. There are lots of beautiful places or sites you can also call the as best travel places. In Iceland, the most attractive place is the Svinafellsjokull glacier waterfall with amazing color.

This place is very spectacular especially watch during the winter season because it has beautiful snowbanks around it. Iceland is also a great place to visit the DC-3 plane wreck site on Solheimasandur beach. After the incident of a plane crash., people love to visit the site in the winter season for seeing the astonishing manner of snow and plane colorful or beautiful combinations.

Another to visit in Iceland as we discussed is the Svinafellsjokull glacier which has the largest or most beautiful glacier in the whole of Europe. You can also visit here Kirkju gell and Gullfoss. Besides this, most of the tourists also visit Snaefellsnes. Peninsula because of its beauty or the best spot for taking pictures and videos. So Iceland is the best or safe place to travel in winter.

Finland y

Finland is especially for those people who are looking forward to celebrating the Christmas holiday season with their families. This place is best for you as per your expectations for Christmas or new year celebrations. Here the Finnish Lapland is called the home of Santa Claus because it has a beautiful village of Santa Claus outside the city of Rovaniemi that enhances adobe and is covered with snow completely.

Here not only Santa, his reindeer, or the Arabic circle are the only places that visitors want to see. Many winter wonderland is covered with spruces and pines that are also been explored by you. This Finnish Lapland is situated in the arctic region of the northmost part nordic country.

In the winter season, this place is marked by dark and long nights so this time, you can visit the pollution-free wilderness of Lapland. It’s also called one of the best places for viewing the northern lights also called aurora borealis.  That cheered meeting of nature will become more romantic for those people who want to get the best experience with a partner.

Here explorers can trek the Arctic circle to a hiking area where hikers walk through forests, aapa mires, and cross rapids.

Canada (Recommended Country to Visit)

Canada has a measurement of 6640 square kilometers. Tariff is the first national park and is famous for its pristine rugged lakes also snow-capped peaks of the Rocky mountains. Here the landscape is carved by the glaciers with lush green forests or animals like grizzly bears. Besides this, UNESCO World heritage also listed Tariffs.

Tariff is also renowned as the “hiking capital of Canada”.It has 16000-kilometer walking trails which take only winter for discovering the remote wonderland covered with snow. As compared to all the beautiful places in a national park lake Louise is close to Cardiff city. Here the bucolic village has an alpine lake having the same name best for skating in winter.

Besides this, there is another lake that’s near lake Louise is famous for its pure turquoise water which changes its tone as glaciers melt. It is the location under the rugged valley of the ten peaks that create the entire setting. Especially in January’s cold, Lake Louise and tariff transform into galleries of ice sculptures.


If you want to experience the best enter vacation of your life then Switzerland. This is a complete resort townsite between the two lakes like Alpine valley in the middle of the swiss alps. This location makes undertaken the best place for faster excursions to lakes, picturesque villages, mountainous peaks, and the dense forests of Bernese Oberland.

Adventure o this place starts at lakes Thun and Brienz which have turquoise blue sky glacier water or navigate on kayaks canoes on stand-up paddleboards. The surroundings are very atmospheric and mesmerizing from the banks. When you see the view from the alps then the center of that calm lake is the best sight to behold.

If you are a thrill seeker then you can easily visit some of the most famous ski destinations in Switzerland for cross-country skiing or snowboarding. It also contains Jungfrau and Grindelwald and Beatenberg-Niederhorn. If desiring a fun-filled ride on snow then try sledding at night time.

Getting extra daring and having tried once in life is a thrilling experience or paragliding over any valley. There is special one thing for the fans of James bond. There is a revolving Piz Gloriaj restaurant situated on the top of the schilthorn was the best filming location. Here one thing that you also love is the challenging peaks of Eiger and mon h which look spectacular.


There is a popular place for visiting especially in the winter season called Herbin. This is the spectacular capital city of northwestern china’s Heilongjiang province. This city has also been nicknamed “Ice City”. It’s also famous for being the home of the Harbin international ice or snow festival. It is the world’s largest festival of ice.

This festival attracts millions of tourists to Harbin which also makes it the most beautiful winter destination in the world. This festival generally starts in the first week of January and lasts for a month. Ice festivals are held in three locations in this city Znaolin Park and Sun island.

Here you will also see artistically detailed castles and sculptures that are illuminated by attractive lighting systems. This scene just looks like a frozen Disneyland. Here tourists can enter the ice structures or also climb them. Besides this festival, there are many attractive places in Harbin like historic buildings that shed light on the influence of Russian and Chinese culture.

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