7 Cheapest Countries To Visit


7 Cheapest Countries To Visit

In this whole world, every people has their different types of hobbies, life as well as their mindsets. Some people travel their maximum time but some travel only when they get a vacation. You know that for visiting any place one thing is very important that is budget. Here we would like to know about 7 Cheapest Countries To Visit and these all have hidden gems to see.

Due to numerous lockdowns, people from all over the world get bored with staying inside their homes. Most people start travelling after a pandemic while others are planning. But many people don’t want to travel more expensive. Having an expensive minimum is always the desire of people before travelling.

As we earlier discussed that everything depends upon the budget whether you plan for the international or national trip. As international travelling has its share of delight, thrill and myth. But it seems very expensive to travel abroad but it is wrong. It doesn’t matter about the abroad or nearby places.

There are many places which are near to you but are very expensive. On the other hand, there are some cities which are more expensive for you than travelling to any country. Today in this blog post, we are going to provide you top cheapest countries that you can visit with a low budget.


If you search about Scandinavian countries then they are the very expensive destination. But northern Europe In this Scandinavian country, Denmark is the cheapest when compared to other areas of Europe. For saving money, you’ve to skip the busy summer and spring season. Due to warm weather you’ve to pay higher prices for everything here.

Here you’ll get the cheapest food items so you can have food by saving money from food bakeries. Additionally, the famous attractions of Denmark are free or very cheap to visit. You can watch changing of the guard ceremony at Amalienborg castle, can walk the gardens of the Rosenberg castle and the grave at the assistance cemetery.


This place is famous for being home to Angkor Wat which is the largest religious monument in the world. Cambodia is affordable to visit where you can hop on a tuk-tuk for reaching this destination. You have to buy a temple ticket at the entrance of the first temple.

Cambodia offers you more stunning temples that you can visit. You also explore Phnom Penh which is filled with French Colonial architecture. For food, you can eat from cheap french bakeries that are completely perfect for breakfast or snacks. For staying in Cambodia, you get a room in a nice hotel which is cheaper than the shared hostel room in Europe.


If you’re planning to trek up Mount Everest but n the cheapest way then Nepal is best for you. Here you can enjoy trekking or climb with a few pennies. You can also take massive trekking trips like an 11-day hike in Langtang valley. This trip is equal to thousands of dollars if you do this in other countries.

There are some selected months when you don’t visit  Nepal from mid-June to mid-September which means a lot of rains and flooding. So keep trying to not visit during these periods. If you want to do trekking then the winter season is not best for you due to snow storms. When we talk about the best months to visit here then you visit here from March to May and September to November.


There are not any competitors of the cheapest place in Europe as best than Bulgaria. During summer, mostly tourists from neighbor countries visit this place for enjoying the black sea at very low prices. But rest of the seasons, there are not any single person visits here. That’s best as it provides you with no big crowds, no crazy high prices for accommodation, no noise entry or food for attractions.

The most famous or attractive place in Bulgaria does not require your huge dollars. Here the capital of the city, Sofia is an old place where you see the Turk and byzantine influences. For looking real charm of this country you can step into the countryside. In this place, little villages are situated next to castles atop mountains.


It’s very easy to travel to Portugal by bus, train, and tram without spending more money. While visiting Lisbon seems expensive regarding eating and entertainment. Instead of this, anywhere you can visit and you can see your budget-friendly places. This place is popular for beach destinations like Camilo beach in Algarve.

The best or high seasons in Portugal are two months June and July. So try to not visit in these months, which helps you in finding good deals for transportation or saving money. The Winter season is also a good time to get more discounts. As well as, this country does not get so cold temperatures in winter at a minimum of 15 degrees


Morocco is one of those countries where you can visit the highest or also cheapest places. It all depends upon your choice of places to visit. Such as if you visit Morocco’s most famous markesh’s market then it is very costly but if you search for some things useful in life then you also get it within your budget.

Here you can visit the riyal Saadian’s tombs, and 12th century Menara Gardens free of cost. For eating cheap foods, you eat from local specialists like kabab el ghazal, the crescent-shaped cookie which is tufted with almond paste. Here you can also spend plenty of time walking through some places like white and blue rabat’s Ordains kasbahwithou paying any cost.


For the biggest photo safari destinations, Kenya and Tanzania are famous worldwide. Additionally,  Maasai Mara and Serengeti are known for the largest population of elephants, lions, and giraffes in the world. But seeing these are costly for you due to some problems of the nation. But Uganda is the best place in comparison to these for seeing plenty of animals or gorillas trekking worldwide.

While visiting here, you have to follow some strict rules for gorilla trekking or Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. This place must explore in a small group by taking a trekking permit But gorilla trekking is not so high or not so cheap. As you can afford it easily. But remember one thing that trip to Uganda is very affordable for you to experience the wildlife.

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