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“Hamlet” was written by William Shakespeare in 1602. It has ideological content that reaches unprecedented breadth and depth, revealing the evil and important characteristics of the society at the last time of feudalism. William Shakespeare not only belongs to one era but is connected with all centuries. Plays made by him are just like diapers in a very brilliant starry sky that also guide people in a particular way.

Every edition of Shakespeare contains the freshly edited text. Which is based on a best-printed version of the play with a full explanation. These notes are placed on every page that faces the text of the play scene after scene for summaries of its famous lines and also phrases.

He got his inspiration for this work from Thomas Kyd’s lost play. The plot was completely set in castle Elsinore in Denmark and contains 5 acts. The actual meaning of “Hamlet” does not refer to the tragic destiny of the main character. But it is meaningless for everything. That’s because Hamlet will keep the readers in complicated dilemmas and any type of meaning is an illusion that comes at starting of the play.

Many people don’t believe in it, some will see it and some people talk about it. Hamlet has no rhyme and was written in verse which originated from Italy that also influence John Milton. Because of this, Shakespeare becomes a standard-level English playwright.


A friend of prince Hamlet’s student named Horatio. He goes to the battlement Elsinore castle of Denmark late at night for meeting the guards. Those guards had told him about a ghost that they had seen on the streets which resemble the late king Hamlet. The ghost reappears so they decided to tell about this fr prince, Hamlet’s uncle named Claudius. Who becomes king and is married to Hamlet’s widowed mother Gertrude.

In court, after the envoys were sent to Norway, the prince had dissuaded after returning from university. Hamlet is still not overcome by the death of his father and also hears about the ghost from Horatio. So he determines for seeing for himself. There was the son of the courtier, Polonius, who had departed for France and warns his sister, Ophelia in front of thinking more about the attention of Hamlet.

The ghost appeared to Hamlet and also tells him that the kings were murdered by Claudius. The prince swears and his friends are also sworn to secrecy as Hamlet chooses for grigri madness. He also wants to test the truth of the allegations of the ghosts. Prince had reject Ophelia, on the other hand, Claudius and Polonius start spying on him to knowing out about her sudden behavior change.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are the former student’s friends of Hamlet. They are summoned by Claudius and also their arrival coincides with a group of traveling actors. But price knows about these players and also how they rehearse together before the arrangement of the present choice of hamlet for play before the king and queen which contains a scene close to the circumstances of the death of the king.

About Author 

If you also belong to the field of literature then you are well introduced to William Shakespeare. This is because every single person who studies English literature well knows about Shakespeare. He was known as the king of the English literature field. The work and service done by him are endless and very hard to describe in a few words.

He was a novelist, playwright, poet, actor, philanthropist, and many more. He was also known as the best writer in the history of English literature and also called the king of the whole literature. Shakespeare was known as the poet of England. In England, anyone can get this honor but they are not as genius as him. He has a total of 38 plays, approx 154 sonnets, and lots of verses of his name. Many writings of his are never published but also remained a legend.

Shakespeare was always remembered in the history of England. His father was John Shakespeare who was a well-studied man of that time. His mother was Mary Arden who was the daughter of a farmer but had more than her name. William Shakespeare was born on 26th April 1564 and he takes his last breath on 23rd April 1616 at age of 52.

It’s also said that if he lives for more time then we will study more about his works. He did all work in his life that was simple or amazing which never be described in short. His writing mainly focuses on matters of society. Shakespeare’s many stories highlighted various social problems like religious beliefs, sexism, and physical difference. Shakespeare’s writing will explain to you the society that is faced by people.

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