How to Win Friends and Influence People?



When we justify this single line “How to win friends and influence people” then it refers to the influence, friends, and others for getting them in their corner. It seems very important for knowing how to look their age. All this happened after changes in everyday behavior that contain never criticizing. These are interested in others smiling that remember the person’s first name.

It is those people who are speaking by making people for feeling important and also never telling them that they are wrong about their mistakes. Here the main concept is to motivate them, compliment them sincerely, and also look after their self-esteem.

With help of this book, the author wants to say that people will not another person that he is wrong. If people are pretty sure about winning friends and achieving this, we have to dramatize our ideas that provide more profit. This book delivers very good advice on false assumptions.

Good is in simple or very practical advice of the author Mr.Carregie and well-illustrated directness. There is one great thing about this book is that it only focuses on good things by avoiding the mistakes of others. But in suggestion, there is bad too that the superficial cultivation of the personality will take the place of knowledge.

It simply tells you to keep your balance and also clarity in your thoughts. It’s not possible to collect grapes from thorns or figs from thistles. For this, there is not any royal road to any type of success and happiness. Imagination and improvement in tact are indeed for making us more efficient and also agreeable. Reading out this book only tells you about your positive mind by avoiding the mistakes of others.


This book defines that 99% of people never criticize themselves for anything it doesn’t matter how wrong they are. He also added that criticism is futile because it put a person on the defensive and also makes them to strive for justifying themselves. Criticism may be dangerous for you because it wounds a person’s hurt, and pride that has importance and also arouse resentment.

The author also said that we are not logical but we are emotional also motivated by vanity and pride. Rather than condemn others who also try to understand other people. Just always try to figure out why your related person and others also do what they do. Every person wants to be as appreciated.

Before persuading other people about something first of all ask yourself how can you make any person do anything. If there is any secret to success then it is the ability for getting point of another person and also see things from the angle of another person. You can also make more friends in a few months for understanding other people and also know their interests.

If there is an individual who is not interested in fellow men but has great difficulties in his life. It also provides great injury to other people through his problem. It’s found in some individuals that all human beings fail strings. You have to only encourage the other people to talk about themselves with you. Just make important the feeling of other people.

There are many people whom you meet who will feel superior to you in many ways. Same ways for those people’s hearts and also realize them in a subtle way in which you also recognize their importance or sincerely.

About Author: 

Dale Carnegie was born his lived on a farm in Missouri in 1888. His family was stricken by poverty. He starts his life by enjoying speaking in public or also joining the debate team of his school. At the beginning of his life, he would be marked especially by public speaking. Firstly he become a salesman after completing college, there was the most successful thing which ever seen.

After a few years, Dale was still not a professional public speaker but had various courses on the subject or various successful books. Of all books published by him, there are one of his best books is “How to win friends and influence people”. This book was published first in 1936 and 1200 copies were printed. He received the orders for 5000 extra copies. As it was printed continuously and also revised till now.

With help of this book, the author wants to say that I have not any intention of becoming a leader or manager but it all depends upon nature. He also said that he wants to become a writer which requires a lot of time. That’s why he writes How to win friends and influence people? This book doesn’t matter who are you, or what you want to do, you can learn every concept from this book.

The learning from this book can be followed in any type of situation. The author used the lessons for interactions with friends, to assert himself, and also to become a better listener with help of this book. It’s also helpful in future negotiations making people more likable and understanding the motives of others.

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