Do Hormones Impact Your Weight?


The hormones and metabolism of our body are deeply entangled and impact weight. Metabolism is not all about the burning of calories. This contains all types of your body that store and uses the energy from food that you consume.

Additionally when your calories boost then your metabolism will divert in protein, carbs, and fats in  some compounds such as fatty acids, simple glucose, and amino acids then haul those into your growth of cells and also break down your fat which is stored in your body or maintains your muscles

All these functions of metabolism are controlled by your hormones. If you want to keep the system of your body humming smoothly then you have to balance your hormones. If one hormone gets high and the other gets low then your metabolism gets tossed out of the blow which also affects your mood, exercise, and weight.

How are Hormones impacted?

Fat breakdown and storage are very precisely controlled by many hormones which are present in your body. These hormones also influence your energy expenditure or the number of calories that you burn in a day.

For this, changes in the level of hormones lead to weight loss and Impact accumulates in specific areas of your body. For example, secret thyroid hormones are responsible for the regulation of metabolism.

When your thyroid glands are overactive then it removes thyroid hormone. This places your body into a hypermetabolic state when it burns more calories it is called hyperthyroidism. That’s why many people having hyperthyroidism have lost weight.

Insulin is another hormone that affects the cells of your body. These cells also require insulin to use glucose for getting more energy and also store it for use later as glycogen.  Insulin is also needed for storing your energy as fat and also inhibiting the fat low to maintain the weight of your body.

Keeping the level of insulin under the standard range is very difficult. Chronically raised levels of insulin lead to resistance to insulin where your cells stop responding to insulin.

Various studies of humans and animals suggest that this may lead to damage your hunger and keep full your hormones, and uptake of more fat by some organs such as compromised metabolism and liver.

5 Hormones that increase weight 

Imbalance hormones can affect different factors in health like physical and mental health. Your imbalanced hormones may impact your body weight. When you want to lose weight with not balanced hormones then it becomes difficult for you.

So it’s very important to keep checking the level of your hormones which are responsible for your weight increase.

Now you are thinking how can I dot it and what things did I have to avoid? Here I’m providing you a list of the hormones and ways by which you know how you can manage the level of hormones in your body.

Thyroid Hormones 

This thyroid hormone is situated at the base of your neck. It is responsible for generating T4, T3, and calcitonin which supports the metabolism of your body. If this thyroid hormone is under production then this can lead to hypothyroidism which increases weight.

You can prevent increasing your weight by consumption of iodized salt, Vitamin D, and Eating cooked foods that are rich in quantity of zinc.


Low and high levels of estrogen may be the reason for your weight gain. Overproduction of this estrogen in your body through ovarian calls or by eating foods which is rich in estrogen may cause a high level of estrogen in your body.

If your body is healthy then it produces the expected amount of insulin and keeps checking your level of blood sugar.

A high level of estrogen in your body highlights the cells which produce insulin. This makes your body insulin-immune and also lead to a high level of glucose which increases fat in your body.

In most cases, low levels of estrogen are seen in old-aged people when the production of estrogen hormones is low. If you want to produce more levels of estrogen in the body then your body removes fatty cells or converts energy to fat which reloads the level of glucose.

This is the second reason for the growth in your body fat. If you want to balance estrogen levels in your body then you have to avoid the consumption of alcohol, and processed meat and work out daily. Along with this, the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits can help you to maintain your level of estrogen in the body.


Testosterone is usually considered in male hormone but the bodies of women are also the mysteries of this hormone. This hormone helps you to burn fat, maintain libido, and strengthen your bones and muscles.

Due to many lifestyle facets such as stress, age can decrease the level of testosterone and may lead to obesity. If you want to get prevent this, then you must have to do exercise regularly, avoid the consumption of alcohol and eat more fiber-enriched foods.


It is perspired by the pancreas and is also responsible for carrying glucose in cells. Insulin is used as stored fat or energy which maintains the level of blood glucose. When there was an interruption in the level of insulin then your body gets insulin opposition.

Then muscle cells fail to remember the glucose-bound insulin and glucose remains in the bloodstream. This creates points in the level of blood sugar and also leads to gaining more weight.

If you want to prevent this situation then you should have to eat fruits, vegetables, and flaxseeds. While eating these food items, you have to avoid the consumption of alcohol and snacking at late night.


Progesterone is very necessary for the functions of your body in a smooth way. This can get low due to menopause, stress, and through consumption of contraceptive pills. This can also cause an increase in weight in your body.

If you want to get prevention from this then you have to meditate because it helps you in relieving your stress or anxiety by doing workouts on daily basis.

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