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You had seen that there are very drastic changes taking place in social media for some years. It also increased with the number of users and content publish rate as well as shared or consumption. But most people use to share videos on some platforms such as youtube and Facebook. Nowadays one thing becomes very popular in any work field is live streaming. Whether it is educational, games, or anything else. There is one of the most trending live streaming is Twitch and with help of this, many peoples are making seven figures money in a year.

There is one of the most lovable or trending niches which attracts the most tech-savvy supporters are gaming. So it is easily definable that gamers will accept live streaming more quickly as compared to other niches. That’s why twitch is called one of the best platforms for gamers.

For influencers, it doesn’t take much time to create their presence on this platform. Here streamers and spectators both can take benefit from the advanced infrastructure of twitch as it is mostly associated with video game streaming. There are various types of streams are available on this platform.

Not only videogame streaming, here streams of a live dealer and fully digital online casinos are also available. Besides streamers, some podcasters use this platform for spreading their content all over the world. It has a very impressive infrastructure and a large user base and has proven popular with many streamers.

This is because it provides various opportunities for monetizing their content. So if you also want to make more money with twitch stream then here you’ll get to know all you need.

Before getting started, you have to be ready to put your all efforts into live streaming because that’s become the reason for your success.

How much money did you make from Twitch?

As we discussed earlier twitch is where people can Livestream or join Livestream activities. Here anyone can stream their stream related to any topic. It may be painting, singing, or playing video games. Everyone needs to make continuity on this platform.

There is one common question that comes to mind for every person how much money did they make from twitch? But the amount of money you make on this platform depends on your time spent on Livestream. You can also build your audience who can directly get connected with you whenever you go live.

Twitch is mostly loved for video games or live streams by young, old, or maybe near it. You know that twitch gained $1.54 billion in its revenue in 2019. We don’t say that every streamer will make the same revenue through live streaming.

But we can give some estimated figures between it if anyone makes money. The starting earnings of a streamer may be from $3000 to $5000 in a single month. This can contain the number of subscriptions you receive from your audience.

Some people also make more than these figures or it also depends on the time you spend here. Generally, it takes a long time to receive the first payment from twitch. In the beginning, the streamer will normally earn $100 or maybe $1000.

The active users will normally make $500 and it also depends on the size of their community. If you have a large number of communities who instantly join your live streams will provide you with more benefits.

If you’re a small-size twitch steamer then you can make less profit but some small twitch streamers make their live streaming their career and still make money more than any job.

How monetize your Twitch account?

Think that before receiving money from twitch you have to know how to monetize the twitch account. For twitch, the advertisement dollars come into part by featuring the games on its website. The creators of the games pay twitch for exposure of their games on the website.

If you create an account on twitch as a user then you’ll have the ad revenue of your channel made by its platform. When you look in the broadcast dashboard then you can change the setting of your channel. This will reflect the number of ads you play per hour in your live streaming.

The advertising revenue is generated by the number of visitors on your channel for viewing or clicking on ads. This ad revenue will be shared between you and twitch which is paid by a PayPal account. If you also want to add some links which your users can follow for purchasing any game or make money by clicks too.

If your website visitors use ad-blockers who don’t want to watch the ads which play and wouldn’t click on any referral links. Just think that if the user doesn’t see or click on your ads then it’s very hard for you to make money from Twitch.

Additionally, to get advertising revenue there are many ways for making money. Once you set up your brand awareness and sizable following on the platform then you start getting some offers. The offers may be some free games, equipment, or maybe sponsorship.

When you reach with high level then you require assistance to handle the work. By growing your followers, you can also sell the merchandise freely through the twitch partnership program. You can also get deals from many video game developers or publishers who pay for your games.

How does a twitch subscription work?

By creating your account on twitch, anyone can follow your profile freely. But this platform will offer its users a chance to subscribe to their favorite streamer for supporting them financially. When we look at the options for the subscription then there are three options they get.

The first subscription option is Tier 1 which cost $4.99 per month, Tier 2 costs will $9,99 per month and the last Tier 3 cost will be $24.99 for a single month. With this subscription, twitch is also called a big name for streamers. They will get a minimum of 70% of their earnings from subscriptions.

This estimated figure only belongs to the average streamer as twitch takes a 50% cut of total subscriptions. Besides splitting the half of revenue with twitch the subscriptions will represent the bulk of the income of most streamers. Most of the users will upgrade subscriptions to tier 2 and tier 3 that comes from streamer-provided exclusive.

But on this platform, your imagination is limited. Many streamers also offer some benefits such as being back on social media, getting access to their private channels, and also taking part in product giveaways.

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