Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss?


There are lots of people all over the world who suffer from the problem of excess weight. But people get confused between weight loss and fat loss. While losing pounds to get fit into their favorite clothes.

For getting slim, they go through various types of dietary plans and get failed many times which humiliates them into depression. There are many reasons behind getting fail to lose weight but one of the main reasons is that those people fail in to learn the way to function for their bodies.

By having lots of increase in weight people start understanding the importance of eating a healthy diet plan. Various factors help you to get prevention from excess weight and make you in decent shape or health.

But following diet plans are sometimes not beneficial for some people because they are neglecting the basics of science in weight loss. This will not only affect the weight of your body but also affect your mentality.

What Is Weight Loss? 

So this is the word that describes the goal of every fatty people. Nowadays, every people wants for getting fit or slim. Because excess body fat causes many harmful diseases in the body.

When we talk about weight loss, then it simply defines the reduction of weight by following a diet plan, workouts, or any other method. Sometimes it is like a journey for many people because they spend their time accepting various strategies.

Suppose when your numbers on your scales get then you automatically say that it doesn’t happen automatically. A decrease in the size of your body happens with the weight loss process.

As you know that your body is mostly of water. Every adult or human body contains 60% water and that is called water weight. The term water weight refers to fluid loss. There are many things that cause high water weight in your body.

Those things are hormones or eating huge amounts of salt or more curd meal. It’s just like storing carbohydrates in form of glycogen body also store 3 gram of water whenever you consume it.

When you consume fewer calories, and carbohydrates whether they are a low-carb diet or natural. During consumption of these, your body gets dips into glycogen stores and releases simultaneous water which means water weight.

Then, What Is Fat Loss?

Fat loss is not different from weight loss but falls under this concept. It some tricky because nowadays, traditional scales are available to measure your weight.

But there are many traditional scales are available which don’t tell you about the reduction in your body fat. Every person’s goal in Fat loss is to maximum lipolysisThis is the biological process of decreasing fat lipids and triglycerides.

These are either present in your food items that are already get stored in your body. This generally happens in the mitochondria of the muscles. That’s why more people lose their muscle fat as the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn.

It sounds pretty for losing fat but it’s hard to predict the fat burn rate which is known as calories in or calories out. But when you follow traditional techniques then you can calculate the calories you intake which determines how much weight you lose in a week.

Is Fat Loss Similar To Weight Loss?

We talked about weight loss and fat loss introduction or is it? As we discuss above weight loss refers to the reduction of overall body weight and fat loss define as when you decrease the percentage of fat in the body.

When you start losing fat then it is fact that you’ll start losing weight at that time. Let’s understand this concept more briefly.

Suppose that, you lose 10 pounds of body fat but don’t gain any muscle weight that your traditional scale shows you weigh 10 pounds less than you did previously.

In simple words, you lose body weight which comes from fat stored in the body. Both types of weight and fat are not the same but the numbers that come on the measuring scale get affected by many other reasons. These reasons such as water loss, the digestion process, or maybe the time of the day.

Which Plan Is Best, Fat loss or Weight Loss?

You are already aware about our bodies are made with some major components. There is fast, lean body weight or fat-free mass which contains muscle, bone, organs, water, etc.

Having huge fat in balancing the lean muscle tissues which contribute to obesity and increases the risk of having chronic health diseases. Such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

The actual percentage of body fat is based on age, activity level, and sex. According to many health councils, a healthy body fat level starts from 14 to 51 percent for females and 6 to 24 percent for males.

Mostly, when we talk about weight loss then it means losing excess fat from the body. This is not all about losing excess fat which is really dangerous when you also don’t want to get rid of lean tissues.

These muscle tissues provide you with strength which helps your body to burn more calories. When you drink water then it keeps you more hydrated which also promotes many healthy functions in the body.

How To Lose Fat Without Losing Muscles?

If you want to lose your body fat then an important thing that must be remembered is negative energy balance simple to calorie deficiency which is included an inadequate amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates with help of good exercise.

As muscle mass contains smooth muscle, water included muscles and skeletal muscles. These skeletal muscles are not visible on the fat layer. Muscles that contain protein and water. This is why it is very important to include a protein diet in your meals.

When your body starts developing muscles then it burns out the energy and fat all time. When your muscle mass gets increases then your body is in the condition of the body to burn energy and calories.

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