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By releasing movies streaming or watching in theatres people spent their time after the pandemic. Every people has their choice regarding the movie industry. There are unlimited movies are available that get hits or as well as a flop at the box office. Here we have listed IMDB Top Movies Bollywood

We don’t know who loves to watch Bollywood movies but Bollywood had various hit movies that you must watch once in your life. Besides this, Hollywood has also provided many hit movies that are also dubbed into the Hindi languages. Bollywood is called the world’s largest film industry with more than 1000 films get released in a year.

But having lots of titles released in a year it seems very difficult to know the top Bollywood movies that you have to mush watch there are some movies that automatically get famous at a huge level by which names can be easily guessed. It’s not compulsory that people only watch movies only when they get released but some movies are also watched by people after many years of release.

Some of the biggest blockbusters movies are restored to their original glory for helping the theatrical releases. So let’s start discussing the best movies of Bollywood which get a high rank on  IMDB.

Rocketry: The Nambi Effect 2022

This movie is a 2022 Indian biographical drama film that is written or produced and also directed by R.MadhavanIts also his directorial debut in the Bollywood industry. Rocketry is based on the life of Nambi Narayana role played by Madhavan who is a scientist in an Indian space research organization.

He was accused in the ISRO espionage case and later exonerated. This story spans Narayan’s days when he was a graduate student at Princeton University. For Madhavan, this is the beginning point of the film’s troubles. For the character of Narayan, rocketry had invested around him for bringing reality front to an audience.

This movie is set up as an interview which is conducted before a live audience by Shahrukh khan. This film goes back to the flashbacks to the journey of  Narayan. In the second half of this movie, you’ll see the downside of Narayana’s trauma or battle for his justice.

Anbe Sivam 2003 

Anbe Sivam is a very lovely story of a man who had found the god in people who do good things in their life. This movie has been 19 years but has grown into a classic and is also watched by many people again and again. When this movie was get released in 2003  then it gets flop at the box office.

Today the Anbe Sivam movie ranks 4th on IMDB as a top-ranked movie in India. Anbe Sivam’s immense repeat value had to do with how excellently this film contains comedy and some poignant moments with thinking that provoke dialogues. Here is the initial position of the person named, Arasu who is a self-centered man who stuck with Nalla on his journey.

The success of kamal Hassan with this movie was performing the same being the preach ideals. Anbe Sivam’s movie tells how the relationship in life was woven in many ways.

Jai Bhim 2021  

This movie is inspired by true events that happen in Tamil Nadu in the 9 0s.” Jai Bhim” tells the moving story of the upright lawyer who comes to the aid of the poor in that state. Here the people belong to a regular community who had not any means to stand up to an inhuman police force that seeks to exploit committing atrocity and helplessness atrocity.

“Jai Bhim”  movie starts with tribal couples Sengkang and Rajakannu who are living their peaceful life. One day rajakannu was called for catching a snake at the home of the village chairmen. The further story is very interesting. So this movie is called apart from many other movies. It’s just best for various reasons. First of all, it’s just a gripping courtroom drama also called asa genre which has not been dealt with in some perfections in Tamil Nadu cinema.

This movie also has some unnecessary songs and no-fight sequences.” Jai Bhim” doesn’t have anything which takes the intensity of its story to real life. Every single dialogue is very deep, every expression is easily measured, and every message is.

3 Idiots 

This movie comes in a 2009 Indian comedy-drama movie which is directed by Rajkumar Hirani. It has also secured its position in the top movie list of Bollywood. 3 Idiots movie is also called one of the most motivational blockbuster movies in Bollywood history. Besides this, it also becomes the highest-grossing opening-day collection movie.

3 Idiots movie is also one of the first Indian films which earn 200 crores at the box office. Meanwhile, it earned 395 crores globally. Here, the leading role of this movie is played by the most famous Indian actor Amir khanApart from Aamir khan, there is also R.Madhavan, Omi Vaidy, and Boman Irani also acted in the leading role in this film.

These actors are very familiar faces in the Bollywood industry. This 3 idiots film is directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced by Vidhya Vinod Chopra. The Director of this film has offered the lead role of “ Rancho” to Shah Rukh Khan but he declined after citing date issues.

Taare Zameen Par ( 2007 )

The movie ‘Taare Zameen Par” is based on an eight-year-old boy who gets in trouble. The boy was very introverted and play with stray dogs more than the kids in his neighborhood. He doesn’t have an urgency about his life and others around him. That boy was not bounded by routine and missed his school bus happily and also sleep for a few more minutes.

The only message behind this movie is referred to not dismiss a person because of their performance level like others. Overall this movie is full of enjoyment and also possesses what underlies the message without getting preachy. In this movie, Aamir khan did a great job of motivating that boy.

This movie was also dubbed in English for the American audience and was also released on Disney. The dubbing of this movie is done in a very fantastic way. Adults mostly appreciate the moral of this movie and also enjoy it.

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