How To Use Cloaker for Black Hat Ads?


When you follow any website, you’ll see uncertain files which are spammy. So it’s very important to know about the use of Cloaker for black hat ads. Use Clocker for Black Hat Ads

When you click on ads, you transfer to the next page that provides you with the content that you searched for.

Googlebot creates an index is also called a crawler. The crawler reads tags, stores, and files in the index. There are three types of ads white hat, second is grey hat and the third one is black hat ad.

When any user clicks on Ads that appear on-page of search results then he wants to get content related to its query. All this happened with help of cloaking.

Users always see the same content on the website but the search engine and crawler google didn’t see that. Ans this type of cloaking is known as Agent cloaking.

Cloaking is dependent on IP address as it’s also a violation of Google or any other search engine quality guidelines.

The use of cloaking is restricted on the webpage since your content is declared fake. This can be recognized by users easily when they find content user-unfriendly on search results.

What is the use of Cloaking in SEO?

The use of Cloaker for black hat ads SEO world is to rank the SERPs.With help of cloaking, we put an excellent idea in it because nowadays everyone wants to rank their website with high traffic.

You must know that cloaking is just like a two-edged sword which means pros and cons. But normally cloaking provide lots of benefits for you.

The important question is why most marketers use cloaking. The answer to this question is that they save their websites from getting banned through spammy links by visitors.

Suppose that, when you publish your content on your website and submit the URL of the blog to the google search console.

Google crawler comes to check out your post then Cloaker will redirect the crawler to the legal page of your website which saves you from getting disable your request

Is cloaking legal in Facebook Black Hat Ads?

When you directly violate the policy of Facebook then it’ll directly ban your account. After this when you try to open your other advertisement accounts then you’ll again get banned.

In this case, cloaking seems a very risky procedure for any person. It is risky for those who are allowed to advertise products, and services from another ad account. And get caught because it is not fully legal

It’s not just only Facebook, it also applies to Google’s strict policy which advertisers must have to follow while advertising their products and services.

You know that Google and Facebook have provided you with assets for getting your targeted audience. As these platforms completely dominate the market.

Cloaking in Google ads is not easy. Google has created tough ways for running ads according to its guidelines. If you violate any guidelines of google then google will directly suspend your account.

You also lose everything in the google advertisement related to your account. In this way, if you accept cloaking and it works successfully then you can save your account from getting suspended.

Use Of Cloaker for Black Hat Ads 

Cloaker is mostly used by affiliate marketers for saving their landing pages from getting disabled by Google. This landing page is called a bridge between traffic and your platform.

Many people use Cloaker to hide the landing page of their Ads from other affiliate marketers by that no one can copy that Advertisement.

When you’re running black hat advertisements, which are called illegal ads. Illegal means you’re violating the policies of that platform. Creating black hat ads is very easy but getting approval for it is tough.

When you submit your ads to Facebook or Google or any other platform then your ads are checked by robots ( crawlers). Those robots who will check out your ad must not neglect their guidelines.

In this situation, Cloaker will help you. When any robot visits your website then the cloaker will send it to a safe page where it only sees a page that follows its rules.

If any person visits your website as an audience then it will redirect to your self-designed landing page. That page where your audience fall is the main forum where you can grab anything from them.

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