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This is the new translation of Tolstoy’s masterwork after his award-winning Translators such as Anna Karenina and The Brothers Karamazov. He was also animated as one of the best-loved novels of America by PBS”s “The Great American Read”. In short, the book “War and Peace” focused on the Napolean invasion of Russia in the year 1812. It also follows the three most known characters in the literature.

This book also meets you with a sneaky and shallow keratin family introduced by the Rostovs which is the noble Moscow family. It’s just a short way where we had to tell you about this book. Further, we are going to discuss the whole summary of  this book and also the author


“War and Peace” novel starts in the year 1805 in Saint Petersburg. A party is given by Ana Pavlovna Scherer who is the maid of honor and also a close friend of the dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. Many fundamental characters in the novel are presented when they entered the party.

Pierre Bezukhov’s full name was Pyotr Kirilovich he is the illegitimate child of an affluent count who is dying in the hospital after several strokes. Pierre also being involved in the battle for his estate and also taught abroad after the demise of his mother. He is generous pr socially clumsy and thinks that it’s very hard for incorporating into Petersburg society.

It’s also well known for the guest at the party Pierre who is the most loved of all his illegitimate offspring. Furthermore, while going to a party is the companion of Pierre called Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky who is his spouse of Lise. Prince is frustrated with the society of Petersburg and also wedded life in case of searching for his wife. His wife was shallow and silly and choose for escaping to the waterfront for becoming the aide-de-camp to Prince Mikhail Ilarionovich Kutuzov in the upcoming battle against napoleon.


This plot moves to Moscow which is the previous capital of Russia differentiating common or having more Russian approaches to the European culture of Petersburg. Here the Rostov family is present from which Count Liya Andreyevich Rostov and Countess Natalya Rostav who are a friendly couple get stressed over disarranged funds.

They had four children named 13-year-old Natasha ( Natalia Ilyinichna ) who is current;y  smitten with Boris Drubetskoy, she was the young fellow who is going to join the force as an officer. Second 20-year-old Nikolai Ilyich promises his heart to Sonya his 15-year-old cousin, a vagrant who is raised by the Rostov in Russia.

When we jump to the second part of this novel then it opens with depictions of the approach to the Russian-French war and also the preparations. During a war called schongrabern engagement, Nikolai Rostov had made an ensign in Hussars for joining the fight.

Boris Drubetskoy acquaints prince Andrei whom Rostov had offended with a very immature insult. Before it, he was also pulled in by the speaking ability of Tsar Alexander. Nikolai had gamle and makes her friends with his officer. After it, Vasily On the other hand, Natasha grows up and attracts everyone with her beauty including Andrei Bolkonsky. He also wants to marry Natasha but his father denied this approval for marriage.

Natasha is missing Andrei and meets with Anatole kurgan. But when Andrei returns from Europe, he rejects Natasha because of her behavior. Because of this, she attempts suicide but survived. And wanted to kill Napolean after they invades Russia in the year 1812. Marya, the sister of Andrei pleads with her father as the french army draws close. But his father was killed so marya try to escape but local serfs trapped her.


The Russian army had fought against the french but was unable to hold the force of napoleon. Due to a lack of resources and supplies, the french army flee after 5 weeks, here wife of Pierre arrange a divorce but she died before marrying again. But Pierre was captured by the police or put in jail.

There he was forced to march for the french army. There is another character we discussed earlier named Nikolai who feels committed to Sonya by knowing her family’s condition. But he was fallen in love with Marya Bolkonsky. Besides Pierre spent three months recovering from his three months of experience.

At the end part of this novel, Perrie returns to Moscow and meets Marya or Natasha. There he realized his love for Natasha and marry her. They have children and increase their family. Just like them, Nikolai and Marya marry each other and lives their life happily with their family. After it,

Pierre and Natasha visit the house of Marya and Nikolai. Both families get close and Pierre and Nikolai disagreed on the political matters between them. This novel “ war and peace” ends with both families who are enjoying their new beginning of life or happiness.

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