States are in India?


You know that India get the status of democratic or republic status on January 26, 1950. Being an Indian republic means that its supreme power will reside in hands of the country. Every single decision is made by representatives who are elected by the public under a set of fundamentals. We will discuss the states of India and their statics.

All things are done under a constitution which is the supreme lay of the land and it was assumed by the consistent assembly on 26, November 1949. People of the India elect their representatives as per the constitution for making decisions. As India has 28 states and 8 territories which have capitals and separate languages although all things are unique or exciting about every state.

India is a union of states and a sovereign, secular and democratic republic with a parliamentary system of the Indian government. Union territories are issued by the president of India. Besides stats, union territories also have a unique history, dress, culture, language, and festivals. We will discuss it further.

There is a state reorganization act which is formulated in 1956. This act was the only primary force for reorganizing the boundaries of states in India. After changes in the Indian constitution, the government divided states into three types.

These are Part A, Part B, and Part C states. Part A states are those that refer to former governor provinces of British India. Part B states are former princely states and Part C states are included for former chief commissioners and princely states. Among all states, mainly three states Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttrakhand have different capitals for their summer and winter sessions.

Which is the 29th State of India?

It still confusing among many people that India has 28 states or 29. The answer is 29 states with 8 union territories. On 1 July 2013 congress working committee made Telangana a separate state. After passing various stages the bill take place in parliament in February 2014., Officially Telangana was formed on 2 June 2014. This day had created history for Telangana for many years.

How many states were in India in 1947?

1947 was the year when India got independence from the British government. At that time, there are 565 princely states. Hyderabad is the largest state among all covering 82,698 square miles with a 16 million population also the smallest state was Travancore having 827 square miles and a 1.5 million population. These states are divided into small, medium, and large.

There are 205 large states which had 205 large states which had 10000 square miles of area, moreover 310 medium princely states covered 1000 and 10000 soiree miles and small states had 1000 square miles. The majority of the princely states are located in the central or southern area of India.


It’s only a reflection of the diversity of India for growth in the number of states in the country. India has over 1.3 billion people who speak 700 different languages although. They belong to various ethnic groups in any part of India. The federal system of India also ensures that all groups have an independent voice in government.

The total number of states is growing continuously also in the future because more union territories are given statehood. It also decentralizes power and also provides every Indian citizen an equal say in their country. So the number of states is increasing independently you see. But you know that the first state is Andhra Pradesh in 1953 and Kerala in 1956.

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