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As you know that Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. It is mostly used by people for searching There is another way which is accepted by many people for growing their business. One of the methods by which people are making money is through google ads.

If you’re running any website or blog posts on the internet then google will monetize your content. The platform where you get paid for your content is called Google Adsense. It is simply a program that tries to make everyone earn digitally by posting content on google.

Many advertisers run advertisements in different places where people will buy them. Here they will get more clients or sales with help of the Ad program. For serving these ads in front of the target audience Google gets the money. Also, you’ll also get money whenever any user clicks on ads or take any action.

By using this internet search technology for ads, google provide ads that are relevant to the specific content of any web page. Let’s consider an example, if any person is reading blog posts on weight loss blogs then google ads will serve ads related to weight loss.

If that website is yours then you’ll get paid for it when someone clicks on ads. This is the simplest way of making money which is also called CPC ( Cost Per Click ) advertisement. The more ads are clicked by your users, the more money you’ll generate without doing any effort.

So we can say that Google is the best platform that helps in making money for advertisers as well as website owners. If you’re a beginner then it is very easy to make money with google but before starting here, keep the guidelines of google ads in mind.

What Is Google Adsense?

Google ads refer to the paid online advertising platform which is offered by Google for displaying the ads of advertisers on blog posts. There are some similar words on google that refer t the different concepts. Most people consider google Adsense or google ads as the same concept. But both are different from each other.

Google ads are refers to the ads which are displayed by Google on the websites relevant to the ad. Whenever any user clicks on the ads then Google will pay for the website owners instantly. On the other hand, there are Google ads that refer to the platform that only marketers can use.

Google Adsense is the method that pays you for clicks of ads whether you post your blog posts on the website or upload videos on youtube. There are some requirements that google requires from creators. With more and more traffic you generate on your website, Google will pay your more for it.

That’s why Google Adsense is called the very simplest way for monetizing a website. Which pays you a high amount per click on advertisements. When you visit any blog website then you had seen that there are many advertisements come in the header, sidebar, or football section.

But those all ads are not google AdSense ads if your website is an affiliate related then you can also place ads in your blog posts and generate sales from your audience. That’s why this program become one of the popular advertising platforms or choices of every website owner.

Adsense had some rules or guidelines for taking participation in the program. When you follow every rule properly then it becomes beneficial more quickly you do. This method is especially for those people who want passive income without doing more effort.

How does Google Adsense Works?

If you also want to get the benefits of Google Adsense then first of all Google has to approve your website for monetization. If your website has unique content and also complies with the policies of Adsense. As there are some basic requirements of google regarding your personal life such as your age may be your documents.

Once you get approval from google you can arrange the ads which appear on your website. Here you can also choose the types of ads you want to run and where you want to display them on the website. But some companies bid on the websites for showing ads on your websites.

Google Adsense provides space for its advertisers on your website. The space is based on content and how more they get clicks on their ads from visitors. Google allows advertisers to run their ads as per their quality score. There are mainly two factors that every advertiser must have to follow for getting on top of search results.

The first factor for getting permission to run ads is CTR which is fully called Click Through Rate. This refers to the percentage of visitors who come to your website. This percentage is mostly considered by the google for selection of quality ads.

As an advertiser, if you follow all the requirements or factors of google Adsense. Then you can place your ad at top of the search engine result pages. So being a website owner or marketer you can easily use Google AdSense for making money with your content.

What is the relationship between Google Ads and Google Adsense?

If you want to know more deeply about the Google AdSense program then you need to understand about google ads program. Pronunciation of both words is much similar but has meant different. These concepts are the ones from which google gets money and also pays for the users.

So start discussing Google Adsense. For your kind information, google ads or google Adsense are generally the two sides of a single coin. You know that Google is the world’s biggest search engine platform which generates 90% of revenue from google ads.

This platform is not specially designed for some users or business owners. Here all sizes may be large, medium, or small size business owners can sell their products and services to their worldwide customers. For reaching out to the targeted customers in a very short time, business owners can use the google ads program.

Just think about how these businesses pay for google to show their advertisement on the search results pages or blog posts. Not only this, there are many other places where ads are placed to get interact with customers.

You know that google ads are run by paying money to the google platforms and that money is paid to the website owners where ads are displayed. Google ads are mainly two types, first, you see them on the right side of search engine results, and second, the contextual ads are shown on publishers’ related AdSense.

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