Top 5 Places Must Visit In Italy

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Top 5 Places Must Visit In Italy

If you are in search of a special place that Italy is best for you.As this lace is mostly the favorite of every tourist and travel expert. Having lots of world-famous places, Italy become the most lovable destination place and the desired country to visit.

One of the best things you love about this place is the food. You also look here at many historical sites, arts, beautiful small towns or build picturesque cities, coastlines and countryside. Italy is just a wonderful country to tour with everything to see or visit.

You have to plan the amount of time that you spend in Italy by visiting different places. Most tourists choose the itinerary of Florence, Rome, and Venice with a side trip through Tuscany. When you search in  Italy, you’ll find many great places to travel in Italy.

Here you can explore the fairytale setting of the Italian alps to the sparkling water of the Tyrrhenian sea. Many attractive or unique things in Italy entice every type of tourist.

Sometimes it seems hard to narrow down the list of best places to explore. In this blog post, we are going to talk about some best places that are famous or you must visit while traveling in Italy.


You don’t know that Italy has a total of 20 religions which are very attractive to visit. One of those famous places is tiffany for exploring first-time tourists. You’re one of those visitors who have the nicest to end the due to its location. As well as it also has convenient for mountains.

This place is famous for picturesque lanscpaes which look like rolling hills and winding. Here you’ll see that roads are fixed with many cryptress roads. This region of Tuscany is very good and attractive with some beautiful towns in Italy. They are Florance, Pisa, Syria, San Gimignano Volterra, Arezzo, Prato, and many more towns.

All these towns are worth Florence visiting, This is the capital of the Tuscan region, also considered the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. It is just like the chocolate box or treats for the culture as the home to many museums, and stunning churches.

Besides this, you can also wander in the streets of Siena where you see the famous leaning tower of Pisa and the piazza del Miracoli famous for unique architecture and scenic vineyards of chianti in Tuscany. This place is also best for food or wine lovers.

Italian Lake District 

This lake stretches across northern Italy. The southern ends of Italy have most of the flat lakes but the northern part ends are mountains so the lakes have a deep reach into the Alps. This place is very popular among tourists for the past 100 years. These Italian lakes are combined good weather with attractive sceneries.

In beginning, you’ll see the west side of lake Maggiore which is a narrow lake famous for its picturesque islands and lush vegetation. This is the 40-mile-long lake that is situated on the southern side of the Alps and increases into the canton of Ticino in south Switzerland.

There is also one of the most attractive things you can see is Isola Bella. This place is a charming island known for immaculate gardens, a royal palace, affluent visitors, and catering to celebrities. Lake Como is known for its dramatic, lavish settings and extravagant renaissance villas for tourists as well as local people.

Cimitero Acattolico di Roma 

Many visitors stick to the heart of Rome but some things are really interesting when you start exploring this place. Protestant cemetery, a so-called place in Testaccio is technically under old Aurelian walls. It is also a very incredible distillation of the history of this city from the republic empire or renaissance to the age of Gran Turismo to Mussolini.

On the right side of the cemetery, there is Piramide, an Egyptian-style pyramid that is magistrate Gaius cestus which was built in the 1st century BCE to serve as a tomb. After seventeen centuries, many other people start choosing their resting place and buried themselves there.

You can also look out at the graves of many important and famous artists, poets, scholars, and diplomats at Cimitero Acattolico del Roma. As we discussed earlier, this place is famous for the burial sites of non-catholic peoples.

You also see the cemetery features very attractive tombs surrounded by tall cypress trees and greenery with a view of the pyramid of cestus. In this place, many poets are also buried including Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats. Traveling to Cimitero Acattolico di Rome will help you to discover more vacation ideas or historical places.


Rome is considered one of the most glorious cities in Italy. It is also called as birthplace of western civilization and the bastion of Christian society. This city is referred to as an eternal city or comes under places to visit in Italy. Rome is also the third most visited city after London and Paris in the whole of Europe.

Rome is also known as the hot-blooded capital of Italy which attracts millions of people from all over the world. A huge number of people travel here because of its rich culture and history with its vibrant nightlife.

Along with this, Rome also becomes the most popular cultural destination place in Europe. It also has many iconic sites in the world like the colosseum and trevi fountain with the roman forum, Castel Sant Angelo, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Spanish Steps, and the Vatican museum.

Rome is also called one of the most romantic and inspiring cities in the world. It is the mixture of vibrant street life, haunting or awe-inspiring art, or many more food items to make your trip memorable.

Trevi Fountain

Baroque is the creation of the 17th century which is designed by famous Italian architects Nicola Salvi and Giuseppe Pannini. Trevi-fountain is one of the famous tourist destinations. Millions of tourists from around the world had visited this city and also seen glimpses of coins and masterpieces.

Trevi fountain is a very fascinating folk tradition that you must have to mention in your Italy travel lists. The folklore state if you toss a coin from your right hand over your left shoulder then it will bring you to return to the eternal city of Rome. On the other hand, the second coin will suggest you find true love.

When we talk about the engineering work of this fountain, the water flows in this fountain are considered one of the oldest sources in Rome. Trevi Fountain’s waterways sourced water from public baths in Rome back to the bygone ages.

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