One Hundred Years Of Solitude


This novel is published by Gabrial Garcia Marquez in 1969. ’100 Years Of Solitude” novel is considered one of the best works. The book 100 Years of Solitude is based on one hundred years of history, a newly made-up town called Macondo. This history of the town contains seven generations of the family Brenda’s history or lifecycle.

In this novel, all the incredible events are shown here as ordinary also their everyday life events are seen. Along with this, the author has also provided extraordinary characteristics to daily actions. He also used his granda in those situations as his example. This is because she generally used to tell her all stories without any facial expressions.

His grandma believed that everything she said doesn’t Matterhorn an odd sound which was indeed true. This novel is told by a know-it-all storyteller and contains a total of 12 chapters. Here writer tells about the events and thoughts of the characters in the distanced method.

When you read this novel, you’ll feel that this storytelling is very fast and the plot is tangled or supernatural. Here no plot is ending or the characters will travel the whole world and come back without considering the time. So, it’s very interesting to say that the chapters of this novel are not enumerated or not titled which fact complements the theory of Marquez regarding time as a circular motion of moments.

You know that period of 100 years is a big period but in this novel, it seems like all things happening at the same time. There are faiths of many people stated in the entire novel and all those people had their sins or passions.

Summary – 100 Years of Solitude

100 Years Of Solitude novel tells the story of seven generations of the Buendia family from the town of Macondo or lineage who were wiped out by the hurricane. Here chapters are narrated out of chronological order or the relative importance of events has some relation to know attention they receive.

Instead of following a single protagonist through a linear set of events.As this novel includes many pots or subplots that revolve around the central characters of the Buendia family from generation to generation.

In this story, there is Colonel Aureliano Buendia who remembers his childhood in Macondo. When his father named Jose Arcadio Buendia was interested in all inventions brought to town by the travelers.

His father experiments with inventions like the astrolabe and alchemy. The wife of Jose, Ursula Iguarian, and Buendia’s matriarch get frustrated with his behavior. They also do not like their preoccupation with his over-tinkering with many practical projects.

Ursula and Jose had three children named Colonel, Jose, and Amaranta. Colonel lives a vibrant and exciting lifestyle as a liberal general during the war. He fights for getting Colombian independence from the conservative government. Gabrial Garcia Marquez only stops fighting when it is time for the armistice.

He also had 17 children from women who meet in a military campaign where he spent his retirement by having tine goldfish in Buendia’s house. Jose Arcadio is the father of Arcadio when she becomes pregnant he leaves that place to become a sailor.

He returns hearty and hale but in Macondo, he marries Rebecca and also stops the execution of his brother Colonel As Amarnanta outlasts her both brothers and dies single, unhappy at her home.

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Arcadio has three children from Santa Sofia, Remedia the beauty, Arcadio Segurando, and Aurelian Seegundo. After becoming the dictatorial ruler of Macondo, Arcadio gets died. As Santa retreats to backgrounds for some decades and after it leaves Macondo for living with his cousin.

On the other hand, Remedios lives mysterious life and Jose Segundo creates his purpose in life as a leader of workers who strike at a banana company. Aurelian Segundo marries Fernanda and takes cotes as his lover. Aurelian and Fernando have three children named Renata ( Meme ), Jose Arcadio, and Amaranta Ursula.

As meme fall in love with a mechanic and  Fernanda sends her to the convent, a nun drops her son named Aureliano later in that year. Jose Arcadio goes to religious school and there he meets Pope to be murdered by teens on his bed for getting gold. Amaranta had completed their education in Europe or return to Macondo with her husband, Gaston. But both are not happy with each other.

As a child of amaranths and Aureliano is born with the tail of a pig because it’s the product of incest. It is also considered the fulfillment of an omen which is appeared in the first generation of this Buendia family. But amaranth dies while giving birth so Aureliano takes that infant into the town, starts drinking, or loses the child.

But after some time he founds the child devoured by ants. He immediately returns to the crumbling Buendia home where he founds the decade-writing wanderer Melquiades. After reading the parchments, he realizes that all writings had predicted all events which befallen the Buendia family. While reading he found a line related to windstorm rise and when he read the last line, it refers to the storm wiping Macondo off the earth’s face.


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