How Many Countries Are in the World?


While not every person can answer this question exactly. Telling fix number of total countries is a such complex thing. Have you ever asked anyone how many countries are there in the world? Some people will give you wrong answers while some hesitate in front of you. Just ask yourself whether you know the answer to this question.

The answer to this question is not straightforward. There some answers are different and also depend upon the person whom you ask. It also depends upon the source and the definition where you find its answer.

As the United Nations recognizes 193 countries with two non-member observer states and the total is 195 countries all over the world. This figure doesn’t contain two nations recognized as countries but not fully supported by the UN such as Taiwan and Kosovo.

If we calculate it whole then there are 98 countries in the world. These countries are divided into 193 UN members, 2 countries are non-member observers and 2 are partially recognized nations or Tibet. Meanwhile, this number is not accepted widely because some countries will deny accepting the last two countries.

Many people count other partially recognized countries except Kosovo and Taiwan like Northern Cyprus which made a total number of countries 200. The fixed number of countries is still confusing for every person.

How many countries did the United Nations recognize in World?

As per United Nation, the body was developed to upload the rights of people all over the world. If the new country was made by the other states who were also members of the united nations before considering it as a country. The recognition of the new state assumes a new state is willing or also able to assume diplomatic relations with another member of the country in the United Nations.

In many cases, the counting of the country will rest on the number of UN members or states which is recognized as their international body. There is a total of 193 countries are recognized as a member of the UN and have two observer states.

Along with this, six countries obtain partial recognition from members of the UN states. Those six countries are Taiwan, South Ossetia, Kosovo, Western Sahara, Northern Cyprus, and Abkhazia. Territories are also formed by other categories but not controlled by them themselves.

Territories are claimed by many countries but not controlled by them. It also depends on the type of map that you look for finding out. As these countries are surrounded by a dotted line with a solid one demarcating an independent nation and other countries. You also see that South Sudan was considered a country in the year 2011. Which is also the latest member of the nation in UN.

Continents and Panges

300 million years ago, therefore continents are situated in different- different places. There are not only seven continents in the world but there is only one. This massive supercontinent is called Pangea which exited during the late Paleoic Era and Mesozoic Era. The mantle deep beneath the crust of the earth rotates in currents or the tectonic plates of the crust of the earth that are shifting over time.

These shiftings create fissures that change the location of continents that also sit on top of tectonic plates, referring to how Pangea separated into multiple land masses. Additionally, other supercontinents exit before breaking up or shifting new positions.

So, we can say that it depends on the person how he/she calculates the country and from which source.

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