Get Instant 1000 followers for Instagram Free


Hi-Tech Guru will help you in getting more followers on social media. Yes, it sounds crazy but it happens. Have you ever thought about having the highest social media ranking?  If you are trying a lot for making 1000 Instagram followers instant but getting failed in achieving your goals then don’t get panic.

Here we are organizing a giveaway where we provide free followers for you by following our criteria. Many platforms provide you, with subscription-based followers but our giveaway has special benefits for our users. In our giveaway, we provide followers in two methods based on quick comments.

You know that getting free followers is a very reliable or fastest way to getting famous. Instead of putting lots of effort or time into making followers, direct getting followers is the best way for you. Our technique for providing followers is completely based on your comments in blog posts. So if you come under our commenting eligibility then you are the one who gets followers freely.

As we discussed earlier, there are two ways in which we divided the number of followers according to lists of top commenters on blog posts. Let’s discuss what you have to do for getting this.

Get 1000 Free Followers 

In our first option, we will provide Instant 1000 Instagram followers to those people who are top 20 comments on our posts. That means, if you want to get followers then you must come under the top 20 comments on the blog. You don’t have to comment, again and again, your name will only count one time in our list.

Those people who come under the top 20 list of our giveaway will receive 1000 Instagram followers instant by means within 24 hours. They do not need to mail us, again and again, to ask for it. We will immediately inform you whenever your account gets a follower. Followers you receive will remain stable on your account

Get 500 Instant Followers Free for Instagram

In this option, those people who come under those people who comment on the blog after the first 20 comments. People whose comment number starts from 21 to 50 will get 500 followers free on their account. In simple words, if your comment ranks 35th in the comment section then you will get 500 followers from us.

But if you do comment and that comes at 51 number then you will not get any benefit of free followers. Followers you get are real and never unfollow your account, but are stable. When we talk about the follower’s type and from which country they belong they are basically from India and maybe other countries.

So hurry up and don’t miss to take part in our giveaway where you get a chance for receiving 1k followers by becoming the top commenter on blog posts.


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