Top 5 Celebrity Surprising Weight Loss Transformation


Top Celebrity Weight Loss Transformation

It’s not so hard to lose your 30-40 pounds weight. This figure is not greater if you work hard to achieve it. You had seen that many celebrities had tried everything for losing their name. Notice one thing they didn’t give up easily they tried their best for transforming themselves. Here we will let you know the Top five Celebrity Surprising Weight Loss Transformation.

If you also trying for losing weight then getting inspiration from celebrities is very important. You had tried heard about intermittent fasting, keto diet plan, or many more that help you in rapid weight loss. While intermittent fasting is not easy for everyone to follow. Instead of losing weight, intermittent fasting has also contributed to weight gain in many people.

Not every method for weight loss suits every person that’s why experts recommended only following that way that suits you or provides results. In this blog post, we are going to discuss the top celebrities who struggle a lot for losing weight and achieving their goal too.

Rebel Wilson 

Rebel Wilson is one of the lists of top celebrity who loss weight and showed awesome transformation. You can motivation by various celebrities from Hollywood as well as Bollywood who transform themselves. Many big names lose weight and also manage their chronic condition for feeling better their health. Of those people, one of the most known celebrities is Rebel Wilson.

She has returned to the spotlight after a long period by starting her firm where she is showing her new look to the audience. This Australian actress had lost her 30kg weight and also looks very different from what she was known for her entire career. The reason behind her weight loss she told that she had followed high protein diets. Rebel had also shared that she only eats 3000 calories a day for feeling full. She had also followed the Mayr method of weight loss diet.

Chrissy Metz 

Chrissy was known for her most famous role in the NBC show” This is the US “.She had talked fully open about her journey toward weight loss in her real life. Meanwhile, she is a successful actress and also constantly thought about her struggle whether On-screen or Off-screen regarding her body weight. She eventually led for lost 100 pounds of weight.

According to the people, she loses her weight b eating calorie deficit. She said that she only eats 2000 calorie diet and daily go for walk for 20 minutes. Chrissy also added that calorie imbalance is the number that causes weight gain in the body. If you consume more calories in your diet then you’ll burn more fat and end up gaining weight.

She had also relied on some proven supplements for weight loss like Garcinia Cambogia, the weight loss pills. These pills are called controversial for weight loss. It also works as the best fat-burners method that exercise or diet plan doesn’t provide you. That is also the reason behind Chrissy’s weight loss.

Celine Dion 

It’s human nature that every person who changes himself, especially in weight loss then people wants to know how they do it. It’s mostly seen in the celebrities who transform themselves. Various people make celebrities their inspiration for the weight loss journey. Now we talk about Celine Dion who loses weight and hit the front pages of magazines.

She tells about her weight loss method and that she eats only a healthy diet or does work out regularly. In an interview, she talks about her workout that she starts with a stationary bike and after it, Celine lies on a stomach massage to tone her shoulder blades for holding her neck. This is very long to do while singing.

While talking about her diet then she takes black coffee and croissant for her breakfast, at lunch she takes cauliflower, salad vichyssoise soup with salad and also sweet Italian custard, and sabayon. For snacks, she eats some seasonal fruits or french cherries and bavarian figs. At least for her dinner, she eats Mediterranean meat pie, Sfihas, french fries occasionally, and fried cauliflower.

Gemma Collins 

You know the Gemma collins who had recently uploaded her photo which shows her incredible transformation by weight loss. She was formerly a Towie star who revealed her new look on Instagram. Gemma said that she lost weight by following garden workouts and lifting high weights regularly. She also revealed her routine of doing workouts by sharing some clips while performing workouts.

Gemma shared a motivational speech for her audience by which they also work hard for losing weight. She also said that for losing her weight gemma had also tried every single weight loss plan by carbs to juice diet as well as a Hypno-gastric band. Gemma’s weight loss journey starts by dancing on ice for burning 1000 calories but with help of a personal trainer.

  1. Jennifer Hudson 

After winning the academy award in 2007 she surprised the audience with his transformation after four years. In the year 2011, she said she lost 80 pounds of weight and changes her size from size 16 to size 6. Jennifer gave her credit for weight loss through a partnership with weight watchers which helped her in losing pounds of weight.

Jennifer gives credit for her weight to the managed eating plan. She usually eats fruits, grilled chicken yogurt, and chocolate ( small pieces) every day. Many sources said that she lose her weight by taking the dietary supplement Garcinia Cambogia ZT which held up her weight very quickly.

But there is a site that said that Jennifer used to lose her 80 pounds weight by using weight watchers also called WW. She joined this weight loss program after the birth of his son. In which she learned about the effective weight loss or also maintenance tools that she still uses for making her fit.

Why celebrities mostly used Garcinia Cambogia?

We discussed earlier that most celebrities had used Garcinia Cambogia for shedding up their weight. As it contains Hydroxycitric acid which is generally used as a weight loss supplement. This is available in powdered form or also find it in pills that you can purchase online or in nearby health stores.

It is normally marked as the method for losing weight with nature form with little consumption. Many companies also claim that this supplement also helps people to shed their excess weight without doing any extra dieting or exercise. By using this supplement, it assumes that your body weight reduces by a small amount. 

Some studies have also claimed that it is useful for lowering the level of cholesterol. But these claims are not proven right and the results also get are inconsistent. That’s why it is mostly advised by the experts as a weight loss supplement and lowers the cholesterol level.

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