Extreme Weight Loss Methods


Five Extreme weight loss methods

There are unlimited diets, meal replacement plans, and Supplements available on the internet for rapid weight loss. Every single method is useful or sometimes get failed in providing satisfactory results. You already had heard about many weight loss advice whether it drinking celery juice daily or replacing your meal plan with weight loss cookies. How it is possible to loss extreme weight with daily routine methods?

But not every piece of advice is beneficial so you have to avoid them sometime. The following best or most effective way of losing weight is very important for you. Most people advise you to follow exercise and stick to it for a long time. If you are also interested in losing your excess body weight then it will bit difficult.

Sometimes, it’s very easy for people to lose weight in a particular period. That’s all not done on the recommendation of the experts but some decisions you have to take for yourself. Weight loss in your body depends upon your metabolism and many other factors.

Some factors define your body weight such as medical conditions, diet plan, lifestyle, stress level, etc. Furthermore, other factors also responsible for your body weight are your age and gender. Losing weight seems very challenging looking at all these factors but if you follow the right practice then it becomes very easy for you.

Food Combining (Best Method to Loss Extreme Weight )

You’ll find many types of food combining diet plans but all diets require you to combine certain types of food or also avoid some foods in the diet. Consider with an example, like pasta or green vegetables you consume together but you don’t eat spaghetti bolognese together. Food Combining is one of the best and recommended methods by experts to Loss Extreme Weight.

The reason behind food combination is due to the acidity of certain food items and the ability to digest your body for combinations of foods. There is not a single piece of evidence that tells that these diet plans will improve your digestion or stimulate your weight loss.

Due to occurring strict difficulty in following these diets or lack of evidence for supporting it, we don’t forcefully say you to follow this approach. But if you do planning to be careful, then it is possible for achieving a balanced intake of selected foods all over the day.

Many diets plan make it more challenging for including some dairy products which means you’ll be at risk of osteoporosis by reduction of calcium intake which is followed by you for a long time. If you are a patient with diabetes then eat a meal that contains protein-rich food or healthy fats.

It reduces the intake of carbohydrates and will decrease your blood sugar level. This food-combining diet doesn’t mix protein or carbohydrates that help in controlling your blood sugar which goes haywire.

Raw Paleo Diet 

This diet contains a replacement of supposed to the hunter or gathering style diet plan which is followed during the paleolithic period. There are various types of versions in this diet plan but all exclude legumes, beans, starchy carbohydrates, dairy products, and starchy vegetables.

There is not any agreement available among historians regarding the exact diet plan to be consumed. While some experts believe that milk and grains are part of the diet until the end of the Paleolithic period. There is one of the most extreme methods of weight loss is “ raw paleo “which is the only diet allowed with uncooked foods.

Because in this diet, there are many foods excluded as it is an unbalanced diet that cannot be recommended for everyone. It removes dairy products which makes it difficult for you to get enough calcium in your diet plan. It also leaves you at the risk of developing osteoporosis after some time in your life.

In your diet plan, you have to eliminate the consumption of beans, legumes, or starchy carbohydrates such as rice and pasta from your diet plan. That will leave you in vitamin 3 or low fiber which increases your risk of constipation.

Consumption Of Juices 

These juice diets contain consumption of only juices of fresh vegetables or fruits for a minimum of three days. This diet doesn’t allow you to mix any chemical or other substance. Here either you can buy fresh juice from the market or can also make juice at your home.

Juice making is not hard as you can simply make it as per your taste easily. These juices do not have a proper balance in nutrients at all. Many people directly consume fruits or vegetables instead of making juice. But eating only fruits, you’ll miss the energy that you get from carbohydrates, essential fats, protein, or some minerals like calcium.

You can also say that this diet plan is unhealthy for you because many companies are providing these juices for the short term. If you lose your weight by following this method, mostly fat from your muscles and water rather than your fat. But this fat will get back after some time when you restart your normal eating.

If you follow a juice diet regularly, then you can become anemic or your bones get weak due to a lack of calcium. If you’re a diabetes patient then a juice diet can be dangerous for you. A large amount of juice will affect your blood sugar and HbA 1c levels. The juicing diet also has some side effects such as low energy, headache, constipation, fatigue, bad breath, constipation, and diarrhea.

Sugar-Free Diet

When you search for this type of diet plan then there are various types that you find on the internet. From those types, you have to look at advocating which avoid sugar and starchy carbohydrates. This diet is a completely sugar-free diet which means you have to completely avoid sugar whether it is in foods or maybe fruits or dairy products.

When you decrease the amount of sugar consumption in your foods You should also have to reduce the intake of sugar in your drinks. There are many other facts which say that avoiding all foods items which contain sugar. You should avoid food containing carbohydrates then this diet is not only realistic but also unhealthy for you.

If you avoid the consumption of starchy carbohydrates then you will develop a risk of constipation and anemia, low energy, or fatigued. When you reduce consuming dairy products without substituting them with rich calcium. If you do this, then it will develop risk for your bones such as osteoporosis.

Due to this, if you also avoid fruits then it’s your very decision of you to have a sugar-free diet. You know that the consumption of five portions of a variety of fruits or vegetables is beneficial for health. This also helps in the health of the heart which also seems protective against cancer. While following this diet, keep in mind some specific things that must consume by you.

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Eating Only Single Foods

You had seen that this becomes a craze among celebrities or the most accepted method for losing weight. This method is very restrictive in that you’re allowed to eat only one type of food. This means if you follow this then you can only eat oranges whenever you feel hungry.

You had already read anywhere that there is not any specific plants or food group which provide you with all type of nutrients that you require for your health. This method will not recommend for everyone at all because it’s very hard to stick to only one food until you lose weight.

You can start experiencing weight loss to be water or in your muscles rather than fat loss. If you follow this method for a long period then there will serious damage can be sustained in your body. Generally, side effects of this method are irritability, low energy, breathing, and low energy. Side effects also depend on your type of body or things that you are avoiding in this method.


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