HP Spectre X360 14 Review


You already know about the Hp brand which is famous for its best laptop provider in the market. Now Hp has launched one of the best laptops for those people who want to fold laptops in 360. This HP Spectre X360 14 is a very slimline or powerful laptop.

You can also call as two in one laptop. HP Spectre X360 14 laptop gets very positive reviews from people because of its folding quality. Due to the pandemic, there are lots of people who are working from their homes. For providing office-friendly features which go for a long time Hp become the first choice of working people which fulfill their desires they want in a laptop.

If you also belong to this category and want to buy these types of laptops then you need to know every concept about this. Many things also must be seen by you as the size of the screen. Also, as its folding capacity, weight, and many more.

When you look at this product carefully, you’ll see that there are more things are changed but remain the same as it is. This series of Hp is a superhuman effort that Hp always nails to build premium which is not available in any windows. 

Design of HP Spectre X360 14

The first and most common impression of anything is the design of the product. The design of HP Spectre X360 14 is very attractive and impressive which is a sleek or upmarket design. It has CNC machined classic both professional as well as beautiful looking with the reflective logo of Hp.

Besides this, it also has diamond-cut diagonal edges with an extra touch of originality and elegance. In this laptop, you’ll also love the speaker grill just above the keyboard with dotted styling. Along with this, the keyboard has subtle placement of bang and Olufsen or specter logos.

Describing this product short refers to one of the most attractive laptops. It is all over the wonderful in functions with large or responsive keys spread from every edge to edge. There are some small unobstructive or small 720p webcams at the top which are used for unlocking devices with help of windows hello.

There is also a fingerprint sensor just next to the arrow keys. As two in one laptop, it’s also flawless, and the robust hinges work which helps you to move the screen to move in full 360 degrees. It also helps you in putting a tent for watching the movies or providing your presentations.

You can also use it as reversing mode or can change it into an angel as per your requirements. There is one bad thing about this laptop is it doesn’t have any number pad. So you have to use the number keys which are available with symbols on the upper side.

Performance and Battery Life of HP Spectre X360 14

The HP Spectre X360 14’s internal sides are very impressive as it runs dual-core kaby lake intel core i7-7500u clocked at 2.7GHz, with 8 GB RAM. It also has a blazing fast 512GB   PCIe SSD and discrete Nvidia GeForce 940MX CPU with 2GB VRAM which is very helpful for gaming at full HD.

As we discussed kaby lake processor which is opted for a very old generation Nvidia graphic chip. The newly invented GTX 1060 will have a better choice for power efficiency or raw horsepower. At 3840 * 2160 is the native resolution of the 4k display in Hp. This will allow you to play Dirt showdown with a medium setting. It is just an average frame rate of 38fps which is acceptable but has a long way for running in smoothly.


This is also very struggling for running metro in the last light with the graphically intense game at full HD ( 1920* 1080 )also getting an average frame rate of 34fps in benchmarks. This has medium settings or SSAO disabled. It completely refers to a gaming laptop. This laptop seems less challenging for gaming as it runs very comfortably.

The 2.7CHz intel core i7-7500U is very impressive. With help of two cores, hyper-threading technology will offer you a total of four core threads. You can use it as it helps in performing your everyday tasks smoothly. According to experts, this specter x360 scored 50 which is a highly respectable score among another laptop

Display Audio

In this specter x360, there is one notable thing is its 13.5 touchscreen which has proportions of 3:2.Thise size of the screen makes it 13% taller than the 16:9 that you can find on many laptop screens, monitors, or also on TVs nowadays.\

Here we’re talking about the black bars that you generally see while watching movies. But before it, you see a web page before scrolling down on the laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you have 16:9 or 3:2 but it’s all about personal preference which depends on the type of thing you use for your laptop.

Generally, if you perform productivity tasks then you are getting this laptop beneficial. If you want to watch many movies or TV then it must be a little irksome. You know that movie will take 57% of the whole screen space. It also depends on your requirement to see. There are mainly three screens from which you can choose your desired ratio.

The base model of this laptop comes with a full HD ( 1920*1280 ) touchscreen of IPS display. This model comes with a 3000*2000 OLED panel which is not quite 4k but near it. Besides this, we can say that this laptop is one of the best laptops in terms of screen. When you focus on colors then it is very deep and rich with black or white.

Price and Competition

This HP Spectre X360 14 laptop is available in both 13.3 inches and 15.6 inches. There are mainly eight models in this product that you can compare on its official website. This model is 15-b1000na, 15.6in a laptop with 4k display intel core i7-7500U, 512 GB SSSD, discrete Nvidia GeForce 940MX graphics. 

With all these fantastic features, the price of this laptop is 1,44,521 rupees. You can also buy it from its website or on amazon where you also find other varieties of laptops by HP. If you want to buy the cheapest laptop of 13.3inch then the cost of it is 1,447 USD. with an intel corei5 processor or no discrete graphic card.

When you search for more laptops then you find many varieties but they are not the best as compared to it. Not every laptop will provide you similar combination of specifications for you.

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