Avatar: The Way Of Water


Avatar: The Way Of Water

Do you remember Avatar which is one of the biggest movies in the history of cinemas? Having the best sequel this movie arrived It’s been 13 years since James Cameron’s movie Avatar which revolutionized the film landscape or topped as history making a movie on box office charts. After many years, the long-awaited sequel is Avatar: The way of water which is finally come back in theaters on December 16.

Furthermore, the Director of the movie named Cameron said that the audience felt that where they captured dry for wet and also capture in water scenes then they felt in-water capture which was not even close to it. Previously avatars break the records with $2.8 billion which directly challenge the movie Avengers: Endgame.

This movie is the sequel to the previous Avatar story related to the sully family named, Jake, Neytiri, and their two children. Their land becomes torn apart and this family also endures danger. the battle to death or tragedy in the complete movie. 

This movie is not released yet but its trailer dropped on the 9th may which already fueled the excitement level of fans. After many decades, Avatar: the way of water contains a story based on sully family and new troubles or problems that they have to face.

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How Does This Movie Different From First Avatar?

When you carefully read the title then it holds the answer to your question. Avatar: the way of water refers to lots of water. Here we are going to keep your focus on the ocean of pandora which is equally diverse. They are rich, imaginative, or crazy but does not refer to the rainforest.

The trailer of this movie introduces the watery realm which showcases the fruits of the painstaking performance underwater captured. Such as free-diving and unnamed beastliness are rife which contain butterfly-croc-swordfish like creatures. These water creature transports the jake across the surface of the ocean and is a whale-like creature that provides serene.

Along with this, Avatar 2 not only contains flora and fauna but also introduces new Navi tubes or seafaring met Karina. In the first part, you only met with one clan. But the clan lived forever on this ocean then they become very different from the calm which lived in the rainforest.

The credit for finding a way for connecting both movies goes to Josh Friedman. The screenwriter of the Avatar 2  wrote early drafts for many other record-breaking movies. So the complete story of this movie is known after watching it.

What’s the Story and Release date?

After looking at the trailer of Avatar: The way of water you can see that it refers to the couple named Jake sully and Neytiri who have formed a family. They can do anything for living together their life. Suddenly a situation came when they have to leave their home and decided to explore the regions of pandora.

Everything goes right in their life. But an ancient threat resurfaces so jake has to fight a difficult war among human beings. The story is described very short but also gives suspense or develops a curiosity in the mind of the audience. This trailer makes people more excited to see what will happen and how jake manages all things properly.

For getting answers to all these questions, you have to wait for 16 December 2022, when it going to release. This movie is going to be one of the best movies which break the record of the Avenger movie at. But there are some other points which also describe your complete story of this movie…

As you saw in the previous Avatar movie, so you also know that this is a story after 12 years of the first part on pandora. Jake wants to transfer his human consciousness into his avatar body by becoming the new leader of the Navi people.

This movie also explores the unknown parts of pandora or keeps its focus on the underwater life of the planets. Here you’ll also get introduced to metkayina people. The metkayina is the clan of pandora natives who generally live in oceans or reefs. These are the central community you see in this movie.

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