Does Men Lose Weight Fast Than Women?


Does Men Lose Weight Fast Than Women?

This question generally comes to mind of every woman who is suffering from huge body weight. Is it possible that men lose weight fast as compared to women by following the same things?

We understand simply that drinking some soda for a week drops pounds of weight in the same week as single men. But at the same time, when women follow this they didn’t see the result that men get. This is unfair to them?

But question is that is it an advantage for weight loss or it’s an optical illusion? The answer is in favor of both. Men lose weight fast because their bodies naturally produce more lean muscle and high metabolism as compared to women.

Men’s bodies also carry high weight mostly visceral fat. When they shed their visceral fat, they start burning their metabolism with more calories. Many other factors like this are responsible for their fast weight loss.

Once you know those factors then you can understand them better. You can also measure it by comparing with yourself because comparison is the way that tells the results of defining a problem with a solution properly.

Why Does This Happen?

For getting the answer of question why men lose weight faster than women then there is a difference in how both bodies are built. Men’s bodies are built in this way, by which they burn fat more quickly with lean muscle or high metabolic rate.

Their lean muscle mass consumes lots of calories which their body has more capacity to burn. Like this, a total number of calories is also beneficial for men.

Having a high metabolism means require to consume more calories in a day which meets up their metabolic rate. That’s why their body wants to fulfill essential body functions like sleeping and breathing.

For losing weight, men and women follow the same diet plans or consume equal amounts That diet plan contains a larger calorie deficit for both but the higher weight loss result is expected from men.

So it’s simple to define that if you’re a man then you have a fast metabolic rate which helps burn the calories faster and that is responsible for your fast weight loss.

What Are The Reasons Behind This?

1. Men have more resistance training than women 

You must know men have more resistance training in the body. This resistance training seems very important for men as well as women. It’s very important for those who want to lose pounds weight.

If you are men or a woman having increased muscle mass then it will get optimized. It also tells you how many calories you burn with or without following the gym.

2. Man has more Muscle

A study found that there are among 432 men and women, men had 38% more muscles. That means you have more muscles than you have the more calories you will burn. You can burn your calories anytime while you are working, running, enjoying, or even sleeping.

So this is one of the major reasons for men who lose their weight fast as compared to women by following the same thing at the same time.

3. Women have less Tolerance In Exercise 

Many women have less capacity for the small lung as compared to men. This low capability will make women feel though when they do any hard work similar to men.

Hard-working maybe refer to exercise which makes feel women harder tasks that make them feel heat or high humidity. One of the best things here is that when you do more exercise your lungs become stronger. This will also help you in breathing whenever you perform any physical activity.

4. Women are predisposed to store fat

It was found in research that women have a high level of estrogen. This is a type of hormone which increase the fat on various body parts such as thighs, pelvis, breasts, and buttocks. A loss or decrease of estrogen in menopause.

When estrogen gets combined with a decrease in physical activity and energy expenditure it also leads to weight gain in women.

Why Weight Loss Is Important?

We had talked about why men lose weight fast as compared to women. Now we will talk about why weight loss become very popular nowadays. But is it really important to lose weight? why people don’t want a huge body weight? Many other questions like this come to your mind.

You have seen that many women take steps or follow running for weight loss which is not positive for anyone. This is good only for those people who are overweight or facing other health diseases.

Benefits of losing weight always overshadow the negative results. When you lift more weight or do more exercise may result in building more body mass. Exercise can make your bones strong.

Weight loss is only for that person who had harmful excess body weight. Healthy body weight provides lots of health benefits which include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, blood sugar level, and make strong your joints and bones. So it’s very important to maintain your body weight for getting various health benefits for a lifetime.

Losing extra body weight is a goal that is reached by combining many strategies maybe as diet plans, eating habits, workouts, or any other. But sometimes all the strategies or ways get failed in losing weight then people accept surgery for removing their excess weight.

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